If you have specific health goals in mind related to weight loss, nutrition, exercise, or mindfulness, or you simply feel lost and don’t know where to start your journey to a healthier life, consider relying on our network of professionals. Expert coaches in the areas of intermittent fasting, exercise, cancer, nutrition, meditation, and sleep are available to you in your LIFE Extend app and your LIFE Fasting Tracker.

In this blog post, we tell you how our coaches can fit your needs. We talk about what to expect during a call with them, and how you can prepare to get the most out of your time.

Get the help you need by tapping on the ‘personalized coaching’ tile in the home tab of your LIFE Extend app or your LIFE Fasting Tracker. Did you have a good experience? Let us know here!


Marisa Moon is a certified Primal Health Coach and intermittent fasting instructor who recently held a  webinar with LIFE Apps users to answer common questions related to intermittent fasting. When you schedule a session with Marisa, be prepared for questions about your fasting habits and goals, your energy levels and appetite, your diet, and your home environment. If you’re just getting started, Marisa can help you get a precise plan in place. If you have been fasting for a while but feel unmotivated, Marisa can help you craft a new, adaptive fasting lifestyle that aligns with your current needs.

To get the most out of your time with Marisa, think about what your goal for the session is and be ready to talk about what is not working in your life in regards to your health and fasting goals. “The more journaling and reflection you do before a call, the more revelations we’ll experience together,” says Marisa. 

Lucia Travaglino tries to build her sessions around your needs. Be ready to ask questions and to talk about your personal story and your fasting goals and eating habits. Lucia can suggest a plan of action with some concrete tips & tricks to help you get started. “People can expect empathy and practical suggestions because I went through this journey myself and I can relate with most of the obstacles people encounter in their path towards health and weight loss,” she says. “It gives me enormous joy to be able to help someone in their journey and I love when I’m given the chance to be your own personal cheerleader.” For her own journey, Lucia had to find a weight loss strategy that could fit her busy work and family life. “I can offer some additional tips for mothers and multitasking women,” she says.

Sumaya Kazi can also help answer your questions about intermittent fasting.  Sumaya is  a health entrepreneur and long-time intermittent faster who lost over 50 pounds with alternate day fasting and time-restricted eating. Her personal fasting journey has been featured on The TODAY Show, CNN, and BBC. She has also helped thousands of others start their journeys with intermittent fasting, achieving weight loss and metabolic health along the way. 


LJ Amaral is an oncology dietitian who can provide guidance on what to eat for weight loss, and can help you if you’re at a healthy weight but would still like to incorporate more healthy plants into your diet.I really like to meet people where they are”, she says,  “If they have specific goals in mind, that’s great! I want to do little things that will make a big difference so that they can get there.”  If you don’t have any specific goals in mind, don’t worry! Anyone who is lacking motivation to make major changes to their health would benefit from LJ’s nutrition advice. 

In a previous coaching session, LJ told us she got the following feedback: “[The person calling] said it was easy to work with me and understand my recommendations, and that she would like to work with me again!” For a first call with LJ, be prepared to discuss, in general, what you’ve been eating during the past weeks, and what your goal for the session is. LJ is an expert on cancer nutrition and the ketogenic diet. She can also answer questions on eating  healthy foods to prevent cancer.

Abigail King is a board Certified Nutrition Specialist with a Master’s degree in Human Nutrition and Functional Medicine. She can help with a wide range of health concerns, from gut health (bloating/gas, stomach aches/pains, inflammatory bowel syndrome, constipation, food sensitivities, etc.), to weight loss, fatigue, hormone imbalance, and cardiovascular health. “I focus on nutrition and lifestyle modifications, and I address nutrient deficiencies and imbalances in the body,” she says. “My goal is to give you the knowledge and tools to sustain a healthy lifestyle that promotes longevity and optimal health.” During your first call with Abigail, be prepared to talk about your medical history, diet, and lifestyle. She can offer dietary suggestions, lifestyle recommendations, lab testing, as well as a customized 3-6 month eating plan.

Jillian Way is a holistic nutritional therapist who can provide you with meal plans and recipes, information on specific foods and herbs, and strategies for stress relief, hormone balancing, adrenal support, nervous system revitalization, and immune system and women’s reproductive system support. She can also help you address digestive issues, sleep deficiencies, and skin issues. “I wholeheartedly believe in a holistic approach to wellness,” she says. “My goal is to help you feel solid and grounded in all areas of your wellbeing – mind, body, and soul.” 

Be ready to talk about your sleep hygiene, alcohol and caffeine habits, mental health status, a typical day’s eating, etc. “It’s important for me to understand many facets of a person’s experience before I can provide helpful tips to guide them towards their wellness goals,” she says. 

Jessica Dogert is a registered dietitian and nutritionist. She provides support, accountability, and results— all infused with fun, practical advice. You can expect:

– A tailored action plan that fits your goals

– Tips, tricks and recipes to propel you forward 

– Unlimited email and text support in between sessions

Jessica can help you optimize your health, improve your energy levels, enhance your productivity, crave less sugar, reduce bloating and stress, etc. She can give you easy meal inspiration and will help you pinpoint eating patterns that might be sabotaging you, such as eating too much sugar or not eating enough veggies. Be prepared to talk about your current eating habits as well as your short and long-term goals. 


Tim Allerton is a certified personal trainer and exercise physiologist who can help you devise a workout plan you can stick to. Expect questions about your health and fitness history. What types of activities are you currently engaging in or would like to engage in? What are your health and fitness goals? What have been the pitfalls, if any, in the past that have derailed your health and fitness plans? It’s also helpful if you can share any data that you have collected about yourself, such as tracked info about your weight, heart rate, weight, or calories consumed per day.  “I spend most of my time trying to gauge the health and fitness history of my clients,” says Tim.  “My clients can expect me to be invested in their goals. I can provide them with my 10+ years of experience as an exercise physiologist, trainer, and scientist.”

Personal trainer and coach Matt Shade bases his fitness coaching program in three core beliefs: Accountability, motivation, and trust. Matt leads by example and meets people where they are in their pursuit for better health. This can range from someone who has a fear of walking to their own mailbox to a professional athlete. He likes to work with those who have had a “shock and awe” moment resulting from a bad lab test, or from fear of what will happen with a continued lifestyle. If you have failed due to lack of support from family or friends, or because you followed fad diets and exercise plans, Matt can help. “The goal of my program is a sustainable solution for a higher quality of life and longevity,” he says. “I am one click away 24/7.”


Susan McClain is a certified Transformational Meditation teacher, and a certified Success Principles trainer. She can help you with guided meditations to reduce stress and live mindfully.  Susan is an expert on the Thought/Emotion cycle and how it affects your habits and behaviors. During a recent live webinar with LIFE Apps users, Susan talked about how disrupting cycles of negative thoughts and emotions  can help you reach your goals.  If you schedule a session with Susan, expect a survey with questions about what you are struggling with and what you would like to accomplish.

She will then make a plan on what to work on, which might include a combination of changing your Thought/Emotion Cycle, belief system, and your habits and patterns. “The people who have the best results are the ones who understand that our mind is very powerful and that our success hinges on getting our entire being into alignment,” she says.  “Learning to love your body, embracing positive self-talk, and changing your belief system are all important parts of the transformation process.” 

Jane Ritz  typically runs her coaching sessions in a way that feels like you’re talking with a friend.  She begins with breathing techniques to connect and become fully present.  She will help you identify the pervasive subconscious thoughts that prevent mental, emotional, and spiritual harmony, and  will help you create new thought patterns that are aligned with love, acceptance, compassion, and creativity. 

Expect to dive into action, clearing the mental webs that impede inner peace, and be ready to receive tools that you can easily incorporate into your daily life, designed to maintain a balance of the body, mind, and spirit. “I remind everyone that we’re as ready as we’ll ever be to take charge of our wellness,” she says. You will benefit from a session with Jane if you are struggling with moving on from the past, if you are in overdrive with anxiety, or if you have not discovered how to unconditionally love yourself.  “Those who struggle with self-care, who are confused about where to begin their journey or how to create their path after any transition will benefit as well,” she says. Schedule a phone call with Jane if you have tried all the meditation apps, and are still seeking inner peace.  Anyone exploring the spiritual dimension of wellness and looking for judgment-free guidance also gravitates to her.  


Dr. Tony Magliocco is  a professor of pathology and oncology and an internationally recognized cancer expert with over 30 years experience. He can answer your questions regarding cancer and cancer screening, treatments such as immune therapies, clinical trials, etc. 

He focuses his sessions on general education but doesn’t offer specific medical advice.  If you or a loved one have been recently diagnosed with cancer and would like some general guidance on these topics, Dr. Magliocco can help. Write down your questions ahead of your appointment and share them with him in advance.