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Improve your health

Increase your healthspan with five scientifically proven health pillars. Our science-backed information is reviewed at least quarterly by our team of scientists.


Improve your health together with your friends, family and healthcare providers.


Evidence-based educational content for all five pillars to help you live healthier and happier.

Personal Recommendations

Receive personalized health recommendations through advanced artificial intelligence, discounted testing and wearables integration.

LIVE Longer, LIVE Better

Take Control and Improve Your Healthspan

The five, scientifically proven pillars reduce your weight and improve your health.

Take Control and Improve Your Healthspan

Another excellent tool in my arsenal to me on track for weight loss and good health. – LIFE User

By one month, 28% of LIFE Apps users have lost at least 5% of their body weight. By six months, 18% of users have lost at least 10% of their body weight!

Experience Precision Health

Your Quantified Health‚ĄĘ - Measure and Improve Your Healthspan

Five Scientifically Proven Health Pillars 
Track physical activity, nutrition, mindfulness, sleep and intermittent fasting.

Earn LIFE Points 
Earn points for tracking, sharing and making daily progress toward a longer healthspan.

Experience Precision Health
Artificial intelligence recommends personalized ways to improve your health.

See It All
Easily keep track of updates with a social feed and personalized health timeline and patent-pending fasting arc.

Be Social 
Health is a team sport. Share and and encourage your friends, family, co-workers and more.

Learn and Grow
Learn about ways to improve your health with science-backed articles and videos.

Be on the bleeding edge 
Connect with researchers and clinical trials that can improve your health and wellness.

Your information is stored in a certified Precision Health Cloud on Amazon Web Services in the USA using the same security technology as medical records.


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  • Set up a fasting schedule from a library of popular fasting styles, or set up your own custom schedule.¬†
  • See how much time you have left to eat with a helpful eating window timer, and with notifications for starting and ending your fasts it takes the guesswork (or forgetfulness) out of your schedule.¬†
  • All the latest features and enhancements.
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