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How I lost 30 lbs with my FITINDEX Bluetooth Scale

LifeOmic's director of marketing, Ryan Hilliard, talks about how tracking his weight daily helped him reach his fitness goals.

“We’ve taken hundreds off of insulin”: The impressive results of The Fasting Method

LifeOmic has announced a partnership with The Fasting Method (TFM), a clinically-developed program that has helped thousands lose weight and reverse…

A healthy lifestyle can extend your life, even if you suffer from multiple illnesses

A new study examines whether it’s possible to extend life expectancy in people affected by two or more chronic illnesses.

Your Menstrual Cycle on Intermittent Fasting

Intermittent fasting may affect women's menstrual cycles if the body detects abnormally low caloric intake or high levels of stress hormones. Learn…

The role of dopamine in drug addiction

Learn about the complex and nuanced role dopamine plays in reward and learning.

Sleep deprivation leads to damage in the gut

What can fruit flies tell us about why humans sleep?

PCOS facts and myths and how intermittent fasting can help

September is PCOS-awareness month. Learn about the causes and treatment options in this post.

How yo-yo dieting takes a toll on your health

Large fluctuations in body weight are linked to future weight gain.

Intermittent fasting: a sustainable road to weight loss, longevity, and mental clarity

A video with Dr. Paul Biondich, director of wellness programs at LifeOmic, and certified Primal Health Coach Marisa Moon about what Intermittent…

The ups & downs of aging: What neuroscience can tell us about living well

Exercise and a positive attitude help the aging brain.

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