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The ketogenic diet: What is it and how does it work?

Learn about what a high-fat, low-carb eating pattern looks like, and the advantages and disadvantages of eating this way.

The right way to do OMAD (One meal a day)

Learn how Martine lost 80 lbs (and kept the weight off) by eating once a day.

Break your fast with a smoothie!

You asked and we listened! 5 original smoothie recipes to end your fast.

Is working out fasted the better choice?

Exercising before breakfast may help you burn more fat, though it may not make you lose more weight.

Autophagy: The recycling mechanism that delays aging and prevents disease

Intermittent fasting and exercise help your cells get rid of damaged components and turn them into things they can use.

Get up and move: Delay brain aging with exercise! 

Getting into the habit of exercising regularly, even if you are older, can help you preserve your brain.

Does a drink a day keep the doctor away? The link is weaker than lite beer

Most reported health benefits associated with moderate alcohol intake are modest and achievable through other means.

The Exercise Resolution: A DIY Solution

Make exercise a regular part of your life no matter the season.

Distracted eating leads to overeating

Dinner while watching Netflix might sound like a good idea, but it may interfere with how your brain processes taste information.

Ready for a challenge? 31 daily activities to live mindfully in 2021

Combat stress and achieve any goal with these mindfulness challenges.

Small Group Health Coaching

Looking for personalized guidance and health coaching? Join a session led by a LIFE Apps health expert to find support and growth in a small, tightly knit group.

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