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When Pathogens Collaborate – Research in Brief

Signe reviews a recent study that finds that some viruses and bacteria may collaborate to avoid clearance by our immune system.

The 5:2 Diet Works for Weight Loss

A new study reports similar weight loss impacts for 5:2 intermittent calorie restriction intervention and conventional calorie restriction diets.

New Connections between Cancer and Insulin Resistance

Human leukemia induces an insulin-resistant phenotype, leading to more glucose availability for growing cancer cells.

The Evolution of Allergies, or What Doesn’t Kill You…

LIFE Apps blogger Jordan explores the underpinnings of allergic responses and what we can do about them.

What’s the Deal? Making Science Accessible.

Emily Poulin's new blog "What's the Deal" will explore the science behind news headlines related to cancer, women's health and more.

A Guide to Enjoying Thanksgiving Without Getting Uncomfortably Stuffed!

Check out these Thanksgiving day steps to a more enjoyable, and healthy, day of feasting!

Does a Ketogenic Diet Change Our Microbiome?

Kristie Rice explores how the gut microbiome is changed by a ketogenic diet.

Lessons from a Month of Mindful Eating with Headspace

LIFE Apps blogger Signe has been experimenting with Mindful Eating this month, she has learned that being conscious about your food choices feels…

She Traced the 2001 Anthrax Letters. Now She’s Protecting Your Gut Health.

Microbiome "snapshots" are revealing how the gut impacts human health and how poly-microbial infections might be more common than previously thought.

What You Should Know about Oxidative Damage and Stress

What is oxidative stress, how is it damaging your health and what can you do to prevent or minimize it? Answers with Sara Wilbur...

Zombieland: A tale of Alzheimer’s disease and cellular senescence

Abnormal tau accumulation appears to trigger cellular senescence, ultimately leading to the dysfunction and loss of brain cells in Alzheimer's…

How Your Gut Microbiome Unlocks the High Fiber Diet

A diverse microbiota in your gut protects you against pathogenic bacteria. Dietary fiber is recognized as the preferred food source for a healthy,…

Haunted by Sugar? How to Beat Insulin Resistance

Haunted by sugar? Check out these lifestyle interventions that that help you kick sugar and insulin resistance.

Can your genes determine how your brain heals?

The APOE4 gene variant may contribute to Alzheimer's disease risk by delaying repair of the blood-brain barrier following brain injury.

Your Menstrual Cycle on Intermittent Fasting

Intermittent fasting may affect women's menstrual cycles if the body detects abnormally low caloric intake or high levels of stress hormones. Learn…

Nourish My Gut: A Blog on Everything Gut and Keto

New LIFE Apps blogger Kristie Rice is bringing you the science behind the ketogenic diet.

Live Fast, Die Young: The Evolution of Aging

Why do we age? LIFE Apps blogger Jordan puts an evolutionary lens to the aging process.

Mitochondria-targeted antioxidants for muscle health

Could we target antioxidants to our muscle mitochondria to prevent muscle dysfunction, wasting and disease?

LIFE and a Love of Evolution

Jordan's new LIFE Apps blog will cover evolution in all its genetic intricacies, from the evolution of aging to the evolution of allergies and more.

An Apple a Day Keeps the Senescence at Bay?

Researchers have found that mice whose diet is supplemented with the fruit-based flavonoid Fisetin have extended health and lifespans.

Introduction to Slice of LIFE

Shannon's new LIFE Apps blog will feature explanations of the who, what, when, where and why of immunological responses and diseases.

Macular degeneration and things that go bump in the eye

Yellow spots in the eye called drusen are associated with macular degeneration, but they are relatively mysterious. LIFE Apps blogger Lisa has…

Your Cancer-Fighting Immune Cells Won a Nobel Prize

It's difficult for your immune system to kill off cancer cells, because unlike bacteria or viruses, your cancer cells are YOU, just sneakier. But…

Get the Flu Shot for Your Heart

Did you know that the flu may increase your risk of heart attack? Glen Pyle goes to the heart of the matter of how flu vaccines work and why you…

The Right Chemo For Your DNA

Researchers at Indiana University are performing whole genome sequencing for cancer patients to identify genetic markers of chemo drug success.

4 ways your eyes can change during pregnancy

Did you know? Approximately 15% of women experience some sort of visual change whilst pregnant.

A heads up on head injuries

As the 2018 NFL season kicks off, neuroscientist Raeesa Gupte reviews the science on concussions, neurodegenerative conditions and potential…

The Dance of Aging: Learning from the Telomeres of Hibernators

Hibernation studies in arctic ground squirrels reveal a complicated process of telomere shortening and lengthening as oxidative stress levels rise…

A Guide to Healthy Eating During and After a Hurricane

Planning ahead and grabbing cans of vegetables, fruits and legumes can help you get through storms and natural disasters with your health.

How Stress Can Affect Your Immune System

Everyone experiences stress. Acute and moderate stress can be good, even improving your physical and mental performance. But when stress turns…

Welcome to Tumour Talk

Wes' new Life Apps Tumour Talk blog demystifies the mess of information that exists on cancer.

Dreams and Deliberations: Introducing Nattering Neuron

Raeesa's new LIFE Apps blog Nattering Neuron will cover the latest research related to disorders of the brain and spinal cord.

Introducing Heart of the Matter

Glen's blog Heart of the Matter will explore heart issues, sex differences in heart disease and more.

Finding Our Equilibrium

Zach's LIFE App blog Equilibrium will explore the chemistry and biology of how are bodies function and how they might function better.

Health: I Can See It In Your Eyes

Lisa's new LIFE Apps blog explores eye health and the systemic diseases that can affect our eyes, such as diabetes and aging.

Communicating The Only Way I Know How….With Science!

Amanda's LIFE Apps blog "Illuminated Brain" explores topics of neuroscience, health and physiology, including sleep and circadian rhythms.

Me, music, and Tiny Biology

Sara Wilbur's LIFE Apps blog "Minutiae: Insights into Tiny Biology" will cover the molecular processes of health and disease, including telomere…

The Immune System for LIFE

The immune system plays a huge role in how our body handles disease. In this LIFE Apps blog, Immune LIFE, we will explore how the immune system is…

How Mindful Eating Can Boost Your Metabolic Health

Take a lesson from a child — eat slowly.

Anti-Aging Hacks from Zora Benhamou

Zora Benhamou's healthy aging hacks include sleep, relaxation, movement, brain health, healthy eating and fasting.

Don’t Be a Zombie: Senolytics, Exercise and Fasting Fight Off Senescent Cells

Thanks to a new study published in Nature Medicine, we now have a convincing culprit for age-related physical dysfunction: the accumulation of…

This is Your Brain on Fasting

Could fasting have neuroprotective effects?

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