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The Mood-Enhancing Effects of Exercise: How to Work Out to Feel Better

Those who engage in physical activity are more likely to report better mental health. 

The Benefits of Mindfulness for Concussion Recovery

My most recent concussion left me feeling dizzy, disoriented and with a massive headache. Fortunately, meditation has been my remedy for that.

Largest Intermittent Fasting Study to Date Shows Fasting Works For Weight Loss

LifeOmic documented real-world fasting behavior and its results in the large user base of the LIFE Fasting Tracker and LIFE Extend apps. 

Empowering Health Literacy For All

LifeOmic is hosting a panel of health literacy experts for a conversation around real-world applications of health literacy, their impacts and what…

Can Vinegar Help Reduce Blood Sugar After a Meal?

Consuming vinegar either before or in combination with starchy foods helps reduce post-meal glucose spikes.

Experimenting with a CGM: How do different carbs affect my glucose?

Carbs with a higher fiber content delayed my glucose spikes.

Water Fasting: Benefits and How to Do It the Right Way

Water fasting can help you lose weight, reduce your risk factors for chronic disease and potentiate the fat-burning effects of exercise.

An Early Dinner Can Help You Lose Weight and Improve Blood Pressure and Mood

Early time-restricted eating plus calorie restriction is more effective for weight loss than eating reduced calories over 12 hours or more. 

What is Arthritis and What Can You Do to Prevent It?

Arthritis is a leading cause of disability in the US. Learn about lifestyle changes that help with prevention and management!

What is Sarcopenia and How Can I Prevent It?

Muscles, unlike wine, don't get better with age.