For Ivy Summer, making a significant lifestyle change was hard, and in retrospect, doing it alone would have been impossible. “I don’t think I could have succeeded the way I have with fasting without a sense of community,” she says. She credits her great support system for being able to use intermittent fasting to lose 28 lbs.

Ivy is not alone. Studies show that social support improves health and well-being, and people with strong support networks are more likely to lose weight compared to those who don’t.

Ivy Summer,28, lost 28 lbs through intermittent fasting and using the social network she found in LIFE Apps

These support groups can include friends and family but can also include health coaches. The latter can provide guidance and accountability to increase the success of weight loss interventions. In a 6-month study involving over a thousand overweight participants, regular one-on-one meetings with a health coach were one of the top predictors for weight loss. Feedback on exercise and food logs as well as web-based classes with expert coaches improved the participants’ engagement in their own journey and improved their chances of losing weight.

Leaning on your support network is important for weight loss success, but if you need the extra guidance from a health coach we’ve got you covered! Whether or not you have clear health goals in mind, LIFE Apps offers you expert coaches to support you in your health goals related to intermittent fasting, exercise, cancer, nutrition, meditation, and sleep. Tap on the ‘Personalized Coaching’ tile in the home tab of your LIFE Extend app or your LIFE Fasting Tracker to talk to an expert today.

You might need a health coach if:

You want someone to keep you accountable 

Mark DelaVergne, LifeOmic’s principal software engineer, recently reached his target weight of 160 lbs after 5 years of trying. “It’s been a roller coaster of success-then-regress,” he says. He credits his achievement to leaning on his network while practicing intermittent fasting. Having someone to motivate you and keep you accountable can make a big difference in your journey to better health. Dr. Paul Biondich, LifeOmic’s health informatics consultant agrees. “The ‘roller coaster’ tends to happen more in people who are doing health improvement independently,” he says. “People tend to habituate behaviors when it’s part of their social norm, and when those around them reinforce the habits.” Lean on your friends and family and consider making a health coach part of your support network, too.

You have a specific goal in mind

Do you want to start fasting for weight loss but don’t know where to start? Our fasting coaches can help you make small changes to your daily routine to gradually accommodate fasting into your life. Need help crafting a nutrition or exercise plan? Our nutrition and fitness experts can guide you through creating a custom plan that works for you. Do you want to be guided through your first (or your hundredth) sitting meditation for stress reduction? Our expert mindfulness teachers can help. Do you have trouble sleeping or want advice on how to improve your sleep hygiene habits? Our coaches can help you troubleshoot. Do you have questions about cancer screening, treatment, or clinical trials? We have an expert for that, too.

You feel lost and don’t know what to do

Coaching can help you even if you don’t have a specific goal in mind. Just acknowledging that you need to work on your health can go a long way. Our coaches can guide you, motivate you and empower you to make healthy life choices for yourself.

Connect with one of our coaches by tapping on the ‘personalized coaching’ tile in the home tab of your LIFE Extend app or your LIFE Fasting Tracker. Did you have a good experience? Let us know here!