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5 Tips to Eat More Healthy Plants on a Budget

Get more plants without affecting your pocketbook.

Hormesis: The Paradoxical Health Effects of Mild Stresses

What doesn't kill you makes you stronger.

‘Fasting Should Make You Feel Better’—Checkpoints For Fasting Safely

An eating disorder expert told us her main concerns with intermittent fasting, and we asked a fasting instructor to address them.

Depression’s Collateral Damage: The Obesity Link

Depression rooted in adverse childhood experiences may lead to obesity, but obesity itself is also linked to depression and mood disorders.

The Bidirectional Relationship Between Cancer and the Microbiome

A better understanding of how gut microbes impact cancer development could have huge clinical benefits.

What I Learned From Wearing a Continuous Glucose Monitor for Two Weeks as a Non-Diabetic

I wanted to see how my blood glucose levels responded to food in real-time.

Do You Actually Want to Achieve Your Goals? Start Doing a Bedtime Review

A nightly ritual where you visualize yourself as the person you want to become shows your brain what success looks like, which helps you achieve any…

A Resolution to Ease into Exercise to Prevent Injuries

8 strategies to avoid hurting yourself when working out.

Not Just Another Corporate Wellness Program: Precision Wellness Actually Works

Phariby Carswell, 45, lost 55 lbs by adopting 5 healthy habits.

Small Group Health Coaching

Looking for personalized guidance and health coaching? Join a session led by a LIFE Apps health expert to find support and growth in a small, tightly knit group.

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