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What is Osteoporosis and How Can I Prevent It? 

A healthy lifestyle that includes nutritious food and resistance training can prevent bone loss and protect you from bone fractures.

What is Yoga Nidra and How Can it Help You Sleep?

A style of yoga that involves relaxing on a flat surface could help you get some shut-eye.

5 Intermittent Fasting Schedules And Their Benefits

There are many ways to practice intermittent fasting. Let’s consider some of the most popular intermittent fasting schedules you could try!

Does Carb Content Affect Ketosis? I Volunteered in a Study to Find Out

I was able to learn about how my body reacts to different pre-fast meals and exercise during a longer fast.

Your Vaginal Microbiome and How to Take Care of It

Do vaginal health care products help or harm your vaginal microbiome? The research says they might make you more prone to infection.

What Is Autophagy and How Does it Happen in Your Body?

Intermittent fasting and exercise help your cells get rid of damaged components and turn them into things they can use.

The Right Way to Do OMAD (One Meal a Day)

Martine lost 80 lbs (and kept the weight off) by eating once a day. You can do it too with these tips.

Can You Drink Coffee While Fasting? This is Your Fasted Body on Coffee

Does coffee break your fast? Everything you ever wanted to know about your body on coffee, and more.

A Beginner’s Guide to Intermittent Fasting

Have questions about how to get started with intermittent fasting? We have you covered!

Online Interactions Impact our Mental Health. Here’s How to Use Social Media Mindfully

Learn how social media interacts with your mental health and how you can use it mindfully and positively.

Small Group Health Coaching

Looking for personalized guidance and health coaching? Join a session led by a LIFE Apps health expert to find support and growth in a small, tightly knit group.

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