Achieve Your Goals and Recover from Stress in 2021

Achieve the goals you've set for yourself through mindfulness. The practices outlined below can make it more likely you won't drop your resolutions next month. Mindfulness can also help you manage stress and eliminate negative patterns in your life by helping you live in the present. Learn more in our FAQ page and mini-course.


yourself achieving your goals. Goal visualization makes goals appear closer and more achievable.


present. Whenever you’re replaying the past or anticipating the future, bring yourself to the present moment.


Your family and friends. Have present conversations with them regularly.


mindful breathing and meditation.


your thoughts. Stress appears when there is an accumulation of things we need to process mentally.


time in nature. People who feel connected to nature are happier and more satisfied with life.

Take Time

to appreciate your successes, and take stock of what you can (and can't) control


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