Living in the modern information age can be overwhelming at times. The barrage of beeps, buzzes and vibrations in your pocket seems constant. We live in a world where new technologies and scientific breakthroughs are blurring the lines of what we once considered science fiction into a scientific reality. Sorting through all of this information can be paralyzing at times, much less making time for ourselves and staying present when it seems that we are caught up in the momentum of our lives.

My name is Zach Lawton, and I am a chemist by day. Join me at here at Equilibrium, where I will apply a molecular perspective to the newest health and science discoveries in a quest to achieve a healthy balance between physical, mental and emotional health. Together we can apply the newest techniques to improve ourselves and find balance with other LIFE users.

I am currently an applications scientist at PerkinElmer and analytical chemist. As a chemist, the molecular world has provided me an endless supply of topics and new pursuits.

I primarily consider myself a general scientist, equipped with the knowledge of chemistry and cutting-edge scientific instruments to help solve problems. I have spent my recent years working alongside scientists, public health officials, first responders and everyday people across the world solving complications related to identifying and detecting chemical threats to public and environmental health.

While I consider myself highly motivated and overly ambitious to a fault, one of the biggest obstacles for me throughout my whole life and career has been anxiety. In the last few years, stress and constant worrying became a heavy weight in my life and I began to neglect my physical, mental and emotional health at times.

A feeling that many might relate with.

At my breaking point, I found myself desperately trying to reduce distractions. I tried to take hold of a proper work-life balance and simplify my day-to-day life to reduce the stress that was weighing me down. I began incorporating aspects of minimalism to simplify my day-to-day activities. I’ve been using time management systems and intermittent fasting to free up more time for me to merge new exercises and mindfulness practices of meditation and yoga into my daily routine. Within months, I began to achieve the balance that I sought after and rediscovered my passion for writing and health science.

The underlying theme of my research and my motivation for my pursuits has been to empower everyday people with better scientific tools and knowledge to protect themselves from dangerous chemicals. Aiding scientists across diverse fields of forensics, industrial waste, personal care products and environmental monitoring has broadened my perspective on the power of data.

This perspective has made me passionate about precision health and a desire to be part of the LifeOmic community that values data-driven decisions and precision health.

Join me and together we can find our own Equilibrium.