A LifeOmic survey asked over 1,000 LIFE apps users all around the United States about the health and wellness goals they formed during the COVID-19 pandemic, such as maintaining fitness regimens, losing or maintaining weight, or creating other healthy habits.

Almost three-quarters of respondents created a new physical fitness, health, or wellness goal since the start of the pandemic. Respondents were most focused on losing or managing their weight and improving metabolic function. 

Nearly half of respondents took a first step in their health and wellness journey by practicing intermittent fasting for the first time. As a secondary habit, more than one third of respondents focused on a healthier diet overall.

Of the respondents who created a new health and wellness goal, 68% said they were making progress toward those goals and 6% responded that they had fully achieved theirs. Since the start of the pandemic, 63% of respondents have lost weight. Of those who fully achieved their goals, most lost between 6  and 15 lbs and a smaller group lost 56 lbs or more. They also reported having a better outlook on life and improvements on their mental health. 

Girl posing after workout

Despite the pandemic bringing much hardship, many people found it easier to be a healthier version of themselves during this time— 75% of the respondents who had set a new goal and 54% of all respondents said that the pandemic helped them form healthier habits. 

What’s next for users? As the weather and the COVID-19 situation improves, respondents said they are most looking forward to more cardiovascular exercise (17.9%), adding or continuing their fasting routine (17.5%), incorporating strength training (16.5%), and eating more healthy plants (13%). 

Some respondents are also looking forward to practicing mindfulness (9.6%), eating a healthier diet (9.6%), and adopting a ketogenic (5.8%) or plant-based diet (2.7%). About 5% of respondents do not plan to add any additional habits into their routine at this time. 

About 86% of respondents were women, 12% men, and 1% non-binary. The majority, about 61%, were between the ages of 35 and 54. 

It’s never too late to start making improvements to your health! Check out these daily activities to incorporate intermittent fasting, healthy eating, exercise, better sleep, and mindfulness into your daily life.