31 Daily Activities to Lose Weight

Losing weight can feel difficult, but these 31 tips can help you succeed.

What Fasting Style Is Right For You?

Intermittent fasting has exploded in popularity. Is it right for you?

Fast to Accelerate Weight Loss

Along with a healthy diet and exercise, intermittent fasting can help you move the scale. You’ll typically lose as much weight practicing intermittent fasting as with a continuous calorie restriction diet that limits your energy intake to 80% of your daily needs. But healthier food choices and greater calorie restriction in conjunction with any IF schedule can help you accelerate weight loss. Learn more in our FAQ page and mini-course.


with a 12-hour overnight fast and make one-hour increments every 4-5 days if you’d like to fast longer. 


at regular mealtimes. An around-the-clock diet puts you at risk for obesity and diabetes.


 water, unsweetened black coffee and tea in between meals to keep you both hydrated and distracted from hunger.


an early dinner. Give yourself a few hours between your last meal and bedtime.


mindfully and without distractions. Consume fruits, veggies, protein, dairy, and healthy fats.


before eating. Fasted workouts help you burn more fat.


for 7-9 hours of sleep per night. Poor sleep makes it harder to exercise and eat well.


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