From weight loss, to eating healthier, to stressing less and exercising more, we have your New Year's Resolutions covered! Learn Your Way...

Photo of a cheerful young woman, still playful at bedtime, trowing pillow in the air.

Why a Slumber Party is the Best Way to Party this Year

Developing a healthy sleep routine and achieving national sleep recommendations may be the best things you resolve to do for your health in 2019.

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Group of people running in mountain scenery on a summer day

How to Improve Your Running in 2019, in Three Steps

The most potent motivator for exercise is feeling yourself improve. Improve your running with swimming, meditation and practice in 2019.

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Tackling 2019 goals with a little AI assistance

Need help with your New Year Health Resolutions? You might try using an AI assistant and other helpful mindfulness tracking apps in 2019.

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Active seniors

Move like Generation100

If you do one thing for your health in 2019, do this: Move. It is what the long-lived do!

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Top Tips For Starting A Ketogenic Diet in 2019

Have keto aspirations for 2019? Follow these tips to get started.

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What’s the Deal with Fasting and Cancer Therapy?

Precision nutrition interventions for cancer are on the rise. Intermittent fasting may protect normal cells from the toxic side effects of cancer therapy.

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Refreshment after training

This Body’s On Fire: Intermittent Fasting for Weight Loss and More

Learn how to harness intermittent fasting for weight loss and other health benefits with this blog post guide.

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