What is Lifeology?

Lifeology is a platform that brings together scientists, artists, writers and broader audiences in the creation of interactive educational content including mobile-friendly Lifeology mini-courses that can reach anyone. You can easily browse courses, connect with course authors and earn badges for completing courses.

The Lifeology community space helps scientists pair up with artists and storytellers to translate their work in a visual, bite-sized format so that more people can engage in scientific discovery.

Why Lifeology?

Science is not relatable to most of us. We struggle to see how scientific information can help us in our daily lives. We have reason to be intimidated by scientific information – it is the jargon-filled stuff of textbooks and we often meet it in settings that are intimidating and overwhelming, such as in healthcare or when we’ve been diagnosed with a chronic disease.

But science is key to helping all of us navigate our daily lives and make important decisions. We may choose not to enroll in a clinical trial that could save lives because we don’t know what an MRI is or what it entails. We may not know how to react to a global pandemic because we can’t see viruses and we don’t really understand how they work. We may be basing our lifestyle choices on old scientific data (or information that we don’t know is false).

Lifeology brings together a community of scientists, storytellers, artists and audience reviewers to make science accessible to everyone.

Science can radically improve our lives,but only if we feel comfortable engaging with it.

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Contribute to Lifeology, Make a Difference

You can make science and health information more accessible through the Lifeology visual flashcard course format. Visit Lifeology.io to learn how you can be a part of the community.

There are many ways that you can contribute to Lifeology.
  • You can submit ideas and content for a Lifeology course as an expert in your field or help write a Lifeology course as a science storyteller.
  • You can help review Lifeology courses as an expert or audience reviewer.
  • You can help us translate courses into other languages.
  • You can illustrate courses as a Lifeology Artist/Illustrator and build a published portfolio on our community site!
  • Contact us at lifeology@lifeomic.com!