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Setup scheduled fasts

Set up Scheduled Fasts

Set up a fasting schedule from a library of popular fasting styles, or set up your own custom schedule. Stay consistent with your scheduled fasts by utilizing the LIFE+ timer to count down the time until your planned fast begins. You’ll receive a push notification when it’s time to start.

Track Eating Windows

Track how much time you have left to eat with the helpful eating window timer. Coupled with the scheduled fast countdown timer and notifications for starting and ending your fasts, it takes the guesswork (or forgetfulness) out of your schedule.

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Life Plus Selfie Screen

See Your Progress with Private Selfies

A picture says a thousand words. Securely upload selfies to track your weight loss progress over time. These images are private to your account so only you can see them.

Track Healthy Habits

Big changes start with small, daily habits. Track glasses of water, steps, even flossing. There are several habit trackers to choose from to fit your health goals.

Member Circle Screens

Access the Life+ Member Circle

You don’t have to do it alone. You’ll receive special avatar treatment and membership in an exclusive LIFE+ subscribers-only circle where you can connect with other members and share your successes (or challenges).

Integrate the App with Your Smart Watch

Easily integrate the app with your smart watch so you’re always in the know and receiving notifications even when you’re out and about or away from your mobile device.

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Extended Insights

Get Enhanced Insights

Easily track your progress. See your monthly and annual fasting history as well as your tracked ketone measurements alongside the fasting arc.

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