We're On Your Team


At LifeOmic®, we believe in the power of disruptive healthcare technologies, machine learning and mobile apps to extend human healthspan. Human life expectancy at birth has increased significantly over the last century, from around 65 years to over 80 years in developed regions of the world. But the age at which we develop most of our health problems, from physical disability to cancer to dementia, has remained roughly the same over that same time frame. What is a long life without healthspan, or the number of years we can live healthy, active lives?

Our LIFE mobile apps help you live healthier for longer, through health behaviors including intermittent fasting, getting daily physical activity, eating the recommended servings of fruits and vegetables, getting adequate sleep and practicing mindfulness-based stress reduction. Our LIFE apps also leverage the machine learning capabilities of our Precision Health Cloud to make predictions based on the data you and your healthcare providers track. Based on your data, we create personalized recommendations to maximize your healthspan.

Finally, we believe living a healthier life is a team sport that takes active learning and practice. That’s why we make all of our LIFE apps social by design, and why we’ve brought together expert bloggers from a range of fields to help you better understand your health issues and achieve your health goals. All of our LIFE Apps blog content is evidence-based, cited and sourced from experts you can trust.

So what are you waiting for? Learn. Live. Raise your expectations for LIFE.