The Clinical Translational Science Institute (CTSI), a collaboration among Indiana University, Purdue and Notre Dame, has launched an initiative called All IN for Health. This effort aims to get 100,000 Indiana residents to enroll in a program that provides them free health education content and automatic notification of clinical trials that they might qualify for. This can provide your employees life-saving access to medical care while also advancing research in the state of Indiana.

All IN for Health

Show your team that We're All IN today.

We're All IN!

All participating companies and organizations will receive a free listing on the We’re All IN site and a badge you can put on your website and recruiting materials. Your organization will also be featured in press and social promotion which will help you recruit and retain the best Indiana-based talent.

  • Participation is free to all employers for their Indiana-based employees and their families.
  • All your organization needs to do is to send an email to Indiana-based employees encouraging them to participate in the CTSI’s All IN For Health initiative by visiting
  • Signing up is easy – we even provide the email invitation for you to send to your team.
  • Engage your employees and promote community spirit by supporting an important local health cause and medical research that saves lives.
  • Employees and their families can choose to participate in clinical trials and studies sponsored by Indiana University, Purdue and Notre Dame that will give them cutting edge access to new treatments and preventions.
  • Enhances your talent brand by proving that you care about your employees and their families.
  • Receive reports that give you insight into participation and the health of your team.

It takes less than 5 minutes:

  1. Signup for “We’re All IN”
  2. You will receive an email that you can send to your employees to download the FREE All IN for Health app called LIFE Extend.
  3. Send the email instructions to your employees (feel free to make any changes you want)
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Frequently Asked Questions

Q) Is this REALLY free?

A) Yes, participation in the We’re All IN program is completely free for your organization and your employees.

Q) What is All IN for Health?

A) All IN for Health is an Indiana statewide public health initiative from the Clinical Translational Science Institute (CTSI), a collaboration among Indiana University, Purdue and Notre Dame. All IN for Health connects Indiana residents across the state with opportunities to improve their health and participate in research and clinical trials. Clinical trials can provide the most cutting edge opportunities to discover treatments for and ways to prevent diseases.

Q) Why do medical researchers need our medical information?

A) Medicine is rapidly becoming an information science. Assembling the medical information for 100,000 Indiana residents will give researchers working on cures for cancer and other diseases important insights into how these diseases develop and who is at risk for them. The fervent hope is that our collective data can lead to cures.

Q) What is the All IN for Health mobile app?

A) This is a free mobile app that runs on both iOS and Android. It guides users toward healthy lifestyle practices and collects information from them to further medical research.

Q) Is this just for employees?

A) No. We’re All IN is a statewide initiative and we encourage employees, their families and their friends to get involved.

Q) Does our organization gain access to employees’ private medical information if they participate?

A) No. Health information for employees is not provided to companies and thus can’t be used to affect employment or insurance. All information is securely stored and made available to research teams at IU, Purdue and Notre Dame.

Q) Can medical information make it back to an insurance company and thereby affect insurance rates?

A) No. No health information is provided to any insurance company and cannot affect rates or coverage.