In April of 2021, Phariby Carswell, 45, went for a physical, driven by concerns about elevated blood pressure and blood glucose levels. At the time, she was 271 lbs and had been diagnosed with type 2 diabetes, hypertension, and a vitamin D deficiency.  After a year of being indoors due to COVID-19, Phariby’s health had greatly deteriorated. She had prediabetes and high-blood pressure. The Nurse Practitioner prescribed Metformin, a diabetes medication, and a vitamin D supplement.  She wanted to prescribe a blood pressure medication and Phariby asked if she could try diet and exercise first.  Phariby thought, “if lack of a good diet and exercise got me in this boat, surely changing my diet and adding exercise would help me get out of it.”  

On May 1, 2021, as a result of worrisome results in her blood work, Phariby embraced a lifestyle change. The company Phariby works for, Estech Systems, had begun using Precision Wellness, a corporate wellness solution created by LifeOmic through which companies can promote a healthy and sustainable lifestyle for their employees. Precision Wellness promotes 5 scientifically-rigorous habits (healthy plant intake, exercise, sleep, mindfulness, and intermittent fasting) that impact physical and mental health, while also providing a dedicated channel for wellness discussions, accountability and learning. Through Precision Wellness, companies engage employees in their wellness journey, while keeping personal health and wellness data private. Precision Wellness encourages employees to embark on a wellness journey that best fits their needs.

Through the Precision Wellness program, Phariby began using the LIFE Extend app to keep herself accountable for the mission she was undertaking. And it had to be treated as a mission, not just a diet or exercise routine. She identified three goals: 

  1. Manage blood pressure without medication
  2. Lose weight 
  3. Get off her diabetes medication as quickly as possible  

Phariby wasn’t sure that intermittent fasting would work for her because of the diabetes diagnosis. She then realized that she could use intermittent fasting to control her blood sugar and make sure that she was eating at regular intervals to help avoid the glucose roller coaster she was experiencing previously. The LIFE Extend app allows users to track their healthy habits to accumulate LIFE points and track progress through their health journey. 

Users accumulate points when using the LIFE Extend app for tracking healthy behaviors. Phariby set a daily goal of maintaining 5,000 LIFE Points and has worked hard to make sure that happens! Having gained confidence and integrated habits such as intermittent fasting,  healthy plant intake, and  mindfulness, Phariby is focused on exercise next. “The one pillar that I do not update often enough is exercise,” she says.  I have to make more time for that in my schedule and seeing that pillar not “lit up” on the app reminds me daily that I need to move more and try to find a way to get some exercise.” 

Four months later, on August 6, 2021, Phariby went for a follow up visit and confirmed that she had made great progress meeting her goals! “The Nurse Practitioner said to keep up the great work and keep doing whatever I’m doing because it’s working,” says Phariby. No changes were made to her diabetes medication or vitamin D supplement, and no blood pressure medications were added.

At her six month follow-up, Phariby had lost a total of 55 lb and her blood sugar, blood pressure, fasting glucose and Vitamin D were now within healthy ranges. She has experienced an increase in energy levels, and says that LIFE Extend has been a huge part of that success. 

Estech Systems, Inc’s (ESI) commitment to employee health and wellness has given Phariby the tools to focus on her personal health. Becki Veal, the Director of Human Resources at ESI shares how proud she is of Phariby’s success. “I am proud beyond words for Phariby’s incredible diligence and care of herself,” she says. Becki has been a huge advocate for employee wellness by facilitating workplace wellness challenges and has experienced her own wellness improvements through the app. 

Precision Wellness supports corporate wellness by seamlessly providing support for administrators so they can focus on building a culture of wellness within their organizations. LifeOmic’s own employees have greatly benefited from Precision Wellness. They receive cash incentives for every month they have a daily average of at least 7,500 LIFE Points. Employees can earn up to $1,950 on top of their salaries by accumulating points, achieving healthy ranges in health markers, quitting smoking, and  reaching a healthy weight. LifeOmic has also seen a drop in health care costs. “We don’t have multiple years worth of data yet but in 2021 alone, our insurance costs went down 10% which was from a direct impact of reduced claims,” LifeOmic’s CEO, Dr. Don Brown said in a recent interview

If you are interested in bringing Precision Wellness to your workplace, create an account and we will set up a demo to learn more!