Flexibility and Balance Exercise

Flexibility describes the range of motion available at a joint or group of joints. Balance describes your body’s ability to navigate obstacles and resist forces that can cause falls, a critical skill for keeping you healthy and out of the hospital as you age. Flexibility and balance exercises will help you be able to move your body through a greater range of motion and maintain this motion even with aging. They can also help prevent injuries from physical activity or falls. Exercises like balancing yoga flows, tai chi, ballet and other forms of dance help to improve balance by strengthening muscles in your back, abdomen and legs. Flexibility is also important in managing pain. Poor flexibility of the lower back and hamstrings (back of the upper leg) has been shown to contribute to low back pain. What counts? Balance Activities:

  • Walking backwards
  • Balancing yoga postures
  • Exercise on a wobble board

Flexibility Activities:

Flexibility and Balance Activity Resources Need guidance on flexibility and balance training? We recommend the following equipment, resources and apps to help you get started: