National Fasting February

National Fasting February reminds us that our metabolic health underlies many of the diseases we associate with aging, from diabetes to cancer to Alzheimer's disease. Improve your metabolic health by fasting for at least 12 hours on a regular basis this month.

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National Fasting February reminds us that our metabolic health underlies many of the diseases we associate with aging, from diabetes to cancer to Alzheimer's disease. Improve your metabolic health by fasting for at least 12 hours on a regular basis this month.

What Fasting Style Is Right For You?

What fasting style is right for you? We help you figure that out in this blog post!

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Too Sweet to Dream – On Sugar, Diabetes and Sleep

Getting sweet dreams might mean watching your blood sugar, your weight and your daily eating patterns.

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Fasting Every Other Day Could Protect You From Disease – A Study

A new study shows that alternate day fasting improves markers of aging in healthy people.

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A ketogenic meal laid out on a dining table with the hands of people serving themselves. A keto diet is a low carb, high fat diet.

How Do Fruits and Vegetables Fit into a Ketogenic Diet?

Eating keto? The goal is to limit carbohydrates but not to be afraid of them, especially those that are plant-based.

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It’s Time to Recycle… Your Cells. Daily Fasting Activates Autophagy.

A new study suggests that you can fast your way to autophagy, or cellular recycling, with daily overnight fasting.

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Coffee Bar

Your Questions about Coffee and Fasting Answered!

We have answered a dozen of the most common questions we get about coffee and fasting in this LIFEApps Coffee AMA recap!

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Roasted coffee beans!

This Is Your Fasted Body on Coffee

Does coffee break your fast? Everything you ever wanted to know about your body on coffee, and more.

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Coffee, Intermittent Fasting and Autophagy

Coffee can boost the cellular recycling processes that take place during fasting.

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Water Bottle. Photo by Alan Carrillo on Unsplash.

A Beginner’s Guide to Intermittent Fasting

Have questions about how to get started with intermittent fasting? We have you covered!

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Bronze plate with dates, coffee cup, lantern and lamp on dark green wooden background. Ramadan kareem.

10 Tips for Healthy and Safe Ramadan Fasting

Are you participating in Ramadan fasting this year? Glean more health benefits from your daytime fasting with our healthy fasting tips.

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Fast to Accelerate Weight Loss

Along with a healthy diet and exercise, intermittent fasting can help you move the scale in 2020. You’ll typically lose as much weight practicing intermittent fasting as with a continuous calorie restriction diet that limits your energy intake to 80% of your daily needs. But healthier food choices and greater calorie restriction in conjunction with any IF schedule can help you accelerate weight loss.


your fiber intake for gut health and satiety between meals


your lean protein intake if needed to improve satiety and muscle mass


to your fast-day calorie goals


early in the day


your daily eating window (eat fewer hours per day)


energy-dense meals and snacks, especially at night


added sugars


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