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Late-night snacking delays fat burning

Eating the bulk of your calories during the day helps you burn fat as you sleep, according to a recent study.

COVID-19 Treatments: Separating Fact from Fiction

Scientists around the world are racing to find an appropriate treatment for COVID-19. One major concern of the therapies being tested is their…

What’s the Deal with Cancer Screening? Cervical Cancer Edition

Pap smears are still the best method for early detection of cervical cancer. Learn what they are and when you should get one.

What’s your immune response to COVID-19?

What does science have to say about the way our bodies respond to COVID-19? Let's dive in!

Top 10 Reasons Why Your Immune System Rocks

Here are the 10 top reasons why your immune system is awesome.

LIFE Apps users are trying new recipes, working out at home amid pandemic

Gyms and restaurants may be closed, but many people are still finding ways to workout and eat well.

A collision of pandemics: how obesity and diabetes put you at risk for COVID-19

You're home and the temptation to make poor food choices is greater than ever. Learn how to keep your weight and blood sugars under control in this…

In times of COVID-19, diabetics should tightly control their blood sugar

If you have diabetes, strict sugar control could help you strengthen your immune system during this pandemic.

Walking Towards a Healthier Heart

Even moderate walking reduces the risk of heart disease. Putting one foot in front of the other may also protect you from COVID-19.

COVID-19: A New Cardiovirus?

SARS-CoV-2 is mainly a respiratory virus, but it turns out it can affect the heart too.

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