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How to Talk to Your Kids about Your Fasting Habits

When your kids ask about fasting, weight loss or healthy habits, how do you respond?

The Sleep Hygiene Habits That Might Help You Score More Zzzzs

Check out these simple practices that science says can help you get better sleep.

Deep Sleep Detoxifies Your Brain – Cerebrospinal Fluid For the Win

Need another reason to prioritize sleep? Purifying, detoxifying waves of cerebrospinal fluid crash through your brain when you are in deep sleep!

Too Sweet to Dream – On Sugar, Diabetes and Sleep

Getting sweet dreams might mean watching your blood sugar, your weight and your daily eating patterns.

Do you have anxiety? Your mitochondria could be struggling to create energy.

Anxiety appears to negatively impact the basic workings of our cells - including their ability to create energy.

Fasted Parent: What Do You Do When Your Child Wants to Fast Like You?

Children have better moods and cognitive performance at school when they eat breakfast. But what if your child asks to fast, like you?

Feeling blue? It could be your diet.

Feeling depressed? Even a brief period of healthy eating may provide longer-term improvements in your mood.

Sunshine and fish oil: are you getting enough vitamin D?

Vitamin D is important for your bones, but is also critical for your cell and brain function. Are you getting enough of this vitamin?

How to Be Your Own Weight Loss Guide

You know yourself best. Learn how to create your own plan for healthier eating in this blog post by Dr. Kerry Chamberlain.

This Is Your Brain on Cigarettes. How and Why to Quit.

From addiction to depression and anxiety, smoking can change your brain in ways that solidify your cravings.

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