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Ketones May Activate Stress-Busting Genes in the Brain

Ketone bodies produced during fasting and exercise don't just provide energy to the brain, they may also alter gene expression to reduce inflammation…

Taking the Battle of the Sexes to Heart

Women don't experience the same types of heart failure as men do, and they aren't treated with the same precision and timeliness as men.

Blocking Hormone Uptake Burns More Fat

Researchers have discovered a new pathway to browning fat, with metabolic health implications.

Does Exercise Help You Fight Cancer?

Does exercise benefit cancer patients and help to reduce symptoms? Cancer researcher Wes Wilson investigates.

Intermittent fasting to prevent diabetes-related blindness?

Do you struggle with high blood sugar? Intermittent fasting could help prevent complications of diabetes including eye disease.

Why a Slumber Party is the Best Way to Party this Year

Developing a healthy sleep routine and achieving national sleep recommendations may be the best things you resolve to do for your health in 2019.

How to Improve Your Running in 2019, in Three Steps

The most potent motivator for exercise is feeling yourself improve. Improve your running with swimming, meditation and practice in 2019.

Tackling 2019 goals with a little AI assistance

Need help with your New Year Health Resolutions? You might try using an AI assistant and other helpful mindfulness tracking apps in 2019.

Move like Generation100

If you do one thing for your health in 2019, do this: Move. It is what the long-lived do!

Top Tips For Starting A Ketogenic Diet in 2019

Have keto aspirations for 2019? Follow these tips to get started.

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