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4 Tips to Combine Intermittent Fasting with a Ketogenic Diet

Hint: Get used to the keto diet first to minimize hunger while fasting.

What’s the Deal With Fat? Understanding Fat’s Role in Health and Disease

While too much body fat can be damaging, some types of fat are critical for good health.

Daylight Savings Time Affects Your Sleep. Making It Permanent Is a Bad Idea

Manually changing the time in your bedside clock doesn't automatically adjust your body’s internal rhythms, which can cause sleep deprivation.

5 Tips to Eat More Healthy Plants on a Budget

Get more plants without affecting your pocketbook.

Hormesis: The Paradoxical Health Effects of Mild Stresses

What doesn't kill you makes you stronger.

‘Fasting Should Make You Feel Better’—Checkpoints For Fasting Safely

An eating disorder expert told us her main concerns with intermittent fasting, and we asked a fasting instructor to address them.

Depression’s Collateral Damage: The Obesity Link

Depression rooted in adverse childhood experiences may lead to obesity, but obesity itself is also linked to depression and mood disorders.

The Bidirectional Relationship Between Cancer and the Microbiome

A better understanding of how gut microbes impact cancer development could have huge clinical benefits.

4 Things I Learned From Wearing a Continuous Glucose Monitor

Although I'm not diabetic, I wondered what would happen to my blood sugars after eating healthy vs binging on junk food.