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What’s the Deal with Fasting and Cancer Therapy?

Precision nutrition interventions for cancer are on the rise. Intermittent fasting may protect normal cells from the toxic side effects of cancer…

Animals at Your Doctor’s Office? One Health, One Solution

A modern clinic combining medical research and treatment of both animals and humans could help us find new therapies for cancer and more.

Forget Beauty Sleep. Get Your Healthy-Fat Sleep

A lack of sleep could cause a sort of "jet lag" in your glucose and fat metabolism, leading to more glucose breakdown and fat formation in adipose…

When Pathogens Collaborate – Research in Brief

Signe reviews a recent study that finds that some viruses and bacteria may collaborate to avoid clearance by our immune system.

The 5:2 Diet Works for Weight Loss

A new study reports similar weight loss impacts for 5:2 intermittent calorie restriction intervention and conventional calorie restriction diets.

New Connections between Cancer and Insulin Resistance

Human leukemia induces an insulin-resistant phenotype, leading to more glucose availability for growing cancer cells.

The Evolution of Allergies, or What Doesn’t Kill You…

LIFE Apps blogger Jordan explores the underpinnings of allergic responses and what we can do about them.

What’s the Deal? Making Science Accessible.

Emily Poulin's new blog "What's the Deal" will explore the science behind news headlines related to cancer, women's health and more.

Does a Ketogenic Diet Change Our Microbiome?

Kristie Rice explores how the gut microbiome is changed by a ketogenic diet.

Lessons from a Month of Mindful Eating with Headspace

LIFE Apps blogger Signe has been experimenting with Mindful Eating this month, she has learned that being conscious about your food choices feels…

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