Become a LIFE Ambassador

Become a LIFE Ambassador to spread the word about the LIFE apps for precision health, get rewards for helping others live healthier.

  • Healthcare professionals
  • Researchers and influencers in various life science and health/disease fields, including experts in oncology, obesity, diabetes, nutrition and food science, sleep science, aging, neuroscience / neurodegenerative diseases, women’s health, mental health, fitness, etc.
  • Health & Fitness Coaches
  • People who inspire us in their healthspan practices, educational health content, etc.

LIFE Ambassadors will…

  • Spread the word about LifeOmic’s Precision Health Cloud platform and LIFE mobile apps
  • Share how they are personally using the LIFE apps with their followers, honestly and transparently
  • Invite their social media followers and others to join them in their LIFE Circles
  • Leverage LIFE apps in their healthcare applications, health communication / research efforts, health coaching activities or community building activities
  • Provide content ideas for, to increase the health literacy of LIFE app users
  • Share honest feedback about their LIFE Apps experiences and feature requests on a regular basis with LifeOmic’s mobile development team


  • 1000+ followers on at least one social network (Instagram, Twitter, Facebook pages/groups, etc.) or other access to a large community
  • Spreads strictly evidence-based health information and approaches to healthy living 
  • Shares our mission of realizing precision medicine and promoting lifestyle interventions for healthspan, including plant-based nutrition, exercise, intermittent fasting, sleep hygiene and mindfulness-based stress reduction.


Achievement: 50 LIFE apps referrals (new user downloads) per year

  • Get LifeOmic swag for social media giveaways
  • Featured biographical highlight and posts on LifeOmic social media accounts
  • Early access to LIFE Extend app, new app tiles/features, etc.

“LIFE Coach”

Achievement: 100 LIFE apps referrals (new users downloads) per year

  • All perks of a “LIFE Fan”
  • Your public LIFE Circles will be featured or “pinned” in the Circles area of the LIFE apps for easier discoverability and growth of your communities within and beyond LIFE (1 featured Circle per month)
  • Discounted biometrics testing

“LIFE Guru”

Achievement: 1000 LIFE apps referrals (new users downloads per year

  • All perks of a “LIFE Coach”
  • Biographical features at
  • Special visibility in the LIFE apps via a “LIFE Guru” verified avatar badge
  • Opportunity to visit a LifeOmic office once every year and join monthly product team meetings to provide comments and feature requests
  • Discounted use of admin dashboard for your LIFE Extend Circles for health coaching purposes, etc.
  • Ability to survey users within your LIFE Extend Circles