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The LIFE Ascent program is different. Here are answers to some of the frequently asked questions we hear. Have another question? We are here to help. Drop us an email at

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No! We believe, and science backs us, that the key to weight loss and maintaining a healthy weight is more than just a fad diet. Calorie counting for a long period of time is nearly impossible and is only one aspect of health. Dramatically restricting your diet isn’t going to stick either.

This program will teach you the foundations to healthy living. You will see and feel the difference – now and for the rest of your life. 

No! Don’t get us wrong, we are big believers in fasting! Our LIFE Fasting Tracker app is one of the most popular health and wellness apps in the world. However, the LIFE Ascent program is so much more. It covers 13 months of habit forming tools across a wide range of topics and body systems.

We believe measuring your health is more than stepping on a scale. We have created a bundle of the 72 most important biomarkers to measure and monitor your health. No one loves getting their blood drawn but it is quick, easy and can be done at over 2,000 Quest Diagnostics locations nationwide. Learn more about the biomarker tests.

Measuring your health is much more than just your weight. The success kit includes the tools you need to measure key body functions. It includes:

  • A blood pressure monitor. Healthy blood pressure is critical for your health.
  • Spirometer to measure your lung capacity. Don’t let down your lungs.
  • Dynometer to measure your grip strength, an indicator of your musculoskeletal health
  • Waist circumference measuring tape. Fat around your waist is a risk indicator for Type 2 diabetes and heart disease.
  • A connected scale to make measuring your weight easy and automated.

The tools in the success kit will be used in the program content throughout the year. 

Success kits will begin shipping January 1st, 2022. Following January 1st, success kits will be shipped as soon as the order is placed.

Read more about the success kit.

No, neither are mandatory for participation in the program. However, we strongly encourage utilizing these tools as part of maintaining healthy habits for a lifetime involves being able to measure your progress. Individuals that track progress are much more likely to achieve their goals than those that do not.

You can purchase LIFE Ascent one month at a time or purchase multiple months at a time for a discount. We highly encourage our users to use LIFE Ascent for at least 3 months in order to start feeling and seeing the impact of the program on their life.

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Unfortunately, we cannot offer LIFE Ascent outside the US at this time – but it’s coming!

LIFE Ascent content covers 13 different topics over the span of at least 52 weeks. If you fall behind, no worries! You can easily catch up on missed days or restart the program.

After you complete all 13 courses in the LIFE Ascent program, you will keep access to the complete course content and have access to our ongoing healthy aging and longevity program.